Product Review Amaysim Flexi

Today Amaysim launched their latest mobile phone offer. They call it Flexi. I suppose it is meant to be flexible, but really it is just another mobile phone plan with some flexible and some fixed features.

It sits in the middle of their Pay As You Go and Unlimited range. Pay As You Go targets the prepaid and cheaper end of the market, and Unlimited is a little more upmarket at $40 per month. Flexi aims to give the everyday mobile phone user a better value choice for their money.

When I first saw the monthly charge of $19.90, I said great, finally a price point which will talk to the everyday user. I love prepaid but I also understand that recharging each month can be annoying. People also find that they don’t really know what value they get when their credit is spread over months.

The price point offered by Amaysim reminds me of my first mobile plan with Optus. $20 gave me $20 of calls and some ridicules call rate. Amaysim gives you $20 in call credit but calls rates are just 9c per minute. There is also no flagfall. For your $20 each month you can make 111, 2 minute calls, or send 222 messages.

There is more, you also get unlimited mobile phone calls to other Amaysim customers. Unlimited calls to other like members is great only if you know of any. Luckily enough Amaysim has been a popular offer for the past few years and so you are very likely to find some of your friends already using them.

There is also the unlimited voicemail and the cheap international call rates. I am not sure about international call rates. My issue is that they are usually littered with promotions. One day UK calls are on sale, the next it is India. They change quite regularly so picking a plan based on one country can be tricky.

On the data side, Amaysim Flexi gives you 500MB of data and unlimited social media access. If you need more than this each month, then Amaysim will charge you 5c per MB. This additional charge, is not the cheapest in the market but also not the most expensive either. If you don’t plan to spend hours on YouTube, 500MB should enough for most attracted to this plan.

Yes, it is a monthly plan. It does come with a contract but you can break it whenever you want. So there is flexibility, if you find that this plan doesn’t quite suite your needs anymore.

As I mentioned at the start of my review, the price point is just perfect for stay home mum and dads plus kids needing a plan for their first mobile phone.